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Return policy

Return instructions

We only provide [return] service, because we can receive the goods we need faster by simplifying the process.If you find that the size is not suitable or you are not satisfied with your dress and other factors need to be changed, please handle the return within 7 days from the day after you sign for the package, and then place a new order.

The returned goods shall be packaged in good condition and have complete accessories, which will not affect the re-sale of brand new goods (tags and trademarks are completely uncut, no stains, no water, no modification);If the product has a chain bag, dust bag, brand hanger or carton…And the special packing should also be returned intact.If you do not comply with the above return conditions, ICustomshop will not accept your return application. Please take care not to affect your return rights.

When handling the return of shoes, the shoe box is one of the accessories, please do not stick it directly. Once damaged, the return will not be accepted. Please pack it separately (do not use transparent bags), so as to avoid subsequent disputes caused by man-made defects.

Return address

No. 210 W Cole St,Moundridge,KS 67107 United States

T: +1 620-345-2201

Zip Code: 67107

In order to speed up the process, please help to provide detailed order information in the correct format specified below when writing letters/messages for return and replacement. The order information can be found in the order details in the member account.

A. Order number

B. Name of product

C. Reasons for return and replacement

D. Refund method: After we receive the returned goods and wait for the inspection department to pass the inspection, your money will be returned to your account within 1-2 business days

E. Return fee: Please choose to send the goods back by yourself or arrange our personnel to collect the returned goods at your designated address.Return the goods to our company by ourselves (at the customer’s expense)

We will reply you within 1-2 working days upon receipt of your return application. You can send the goods back or wait for your return after we reply to inform you of the next return procedure. Please help fill in the return application form attached to the package and attach it to the package when you return the goods, so as to speed up the return process and avoid mistakes.

Please note that if the amount or conditions reserved in the order after the return of goods do not reach the full amount, the new unopened full amount gift shall be returned together with the returned goods. If the full amount of gift is not returned, the refund amount after the receipt of the returned goods will deduct the full amount of the gift (as the original purchase price).

Our contact information and address:

Company Name: IcustomshopCo.,Ltd

Contact Department: Customers Service Dept.

Tel: +1 620-345-2201

Address: No. 210 W Cole St,Moundridge,KS 67107 United States

E-mail: depardlf6@gmail.com