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Payment Policy

Use a PayPal account

If you have your own PayPal account and choose this payment method, after submitting your order, you will go to the PayPal settlement page (Secure Transaction page SSL), where you will need to fill in the login information you left when you registered with PayPal.

If the payment is successful, Paypal will immediately deduct the amount of the transaction from your account and send us confirmation of your order.

During the transaction, we will not be informed of any information relating to your credit card or the means of payment you choose in PayPal. PayPal will not provide this information to us or any third party during or after the transaction.

In some cases, our customer service center may contact you for further information to confirm the legal owner of your PayPal account.In such cases, delivery time will be postponed until necessary inspection is completed.

If the transaction is suspended or the order is cancelled, the money you paid will be automatically returned to your PayPal account. The exact method of return depends on PayPal.

If you would like to use this method of payment but do not currently have a PayPal account, please visit www.paypal.com.